Sunday, April 29, 2012

Am I runner?

A few months ago I had this idea....Maybe I could start running. Well I have to say that surprised everyone who knows me that I would start running. Growing up I played sports including softball and basketball and one season of water polo in high school, but never liked running. I was that girl in PE that looked for ways to get out of the running days when they would time your mile or half mile for passing the class. So who was this girl now thinking, at almost 30 years old, that SHE could be a runner.

Well there are a couple people in my life now who used to run and encouraged this decision. One is my amazing fiance John, who ran in school and was really into it till a few years ago. And my friend Tony at work who also ran back in school and had started back up about 6 months ago. When I would talk to them about how I wanted to loose weight for the upcoming wedding, both told me the cheapest and most effective way to hit my goal was to run.

I started off doing some research on running and deciding if it was really for me. But really...who isn't it for. Running is one of the best full body workouts you can do. However, I was full of excuses.... I don't like to run, my feet hurt after wearing heels all day, I don't know how to breath right, it's boring, and that it's too hot to run. None of those worked for Tony. He and I talked about them at lunch and he had a solution of all of them. DAMN HIM! Finally I decided I would try it, but not by myself. Oh no, I am way to co dependant to try to run on my own. HA

So I talked Tony into running with me after work on the days John worked and then I would run with John on his days off. It sounded great and like I would just become this runner automatically. Reality Check! That's not how it happens. It takes time and consistency...which my impatience doesn't do well with.

It's taken me about 3 months of talking myself into thinking thinking I can be a runner and figuring out that I can't really talk myself into it...I HAVE to just do it! So now I have set a goal to run a 5K this fall and decided to start being serious and start training. Tomorrow I start with a 4 day a week run schedule that is provided by Nikeplus and I am determined to make this happen.

No more excuses...Just do it!

Monday, December 13, 2010

SNOWMAN Cupcakes!!!

For Jodi's 3 year anniversary at work I decided to make her cupcakes since that is one thing we bothe love! I looked up some images online of snowmen and found a few I liked so I talked to my mom and we came up with a final idea.

To make them is super simple:

Make any type of cupcakes you want. We made white cupcakes and didn't use the yoke in order to ensure they were pure white.

White Frosting - You can get it in a can at the store which makes it really fluffy
Tube of Black Cake Gel - We used the one that had sparkles in it
Oreo Cookies
Junior Mints
Dots Candy

Once you have the base layer of frosting, Take a marshmallow and dab on the dots of the black gel to create his eyes and mouth. Then cut the orange Dots candy into pieces that mimic the shape of carrots. Once this is done, place the marshmallow on the cupcake. Dab 3 dots down the the front of the cupcake for his buttons. For the hat, twist Oreos apart and put a dab of frosting on top with a junior mint on top. Then place the hat on top of your marshmallow with a dab of frosting, stick in the pretzels and wal-la! You have snowman cupcakes!!

So Fun :)

Friday, September 3, 2010


The days I drive to work I park under a bridge in the Sodo District in South Seattle. It is the only place to park unless you can get there early enough to park against the fence in the back where you arent under any of the bridge.

Well the days I drive my car gets bird bombed with bird crap so I have to wash my car every day so it won't damage the paint. I hate when my feet get cold and wet so I wear my rainboots while I wash my car. Recently I have been noticing that people driving by smile or look at me kinda wierd. Is it that odd?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Newest Arrival!!!

Miss Madison Rose Pepper made her debut at 10:36 pm on July 20th. Her parents, Amy and John, made the most beautiful girl in the world!! Such a proud Auntie!!!

Smore's Night

Monday, June 28, 2010


Thor is an amazing dog who I fell in love with right when Jimmy and I started dating in 2007. At first he kinda scared me because he was so hyper, but who doesn't love an amazing Bulldog!

A couple weeks ago he started looking sick and stopped eating. He was loosing tons of weight and just wasn't himself. Jimmy took him to the vet we went to in Sumner and the doctor turned him away 4 times in one day just telling him to monitor Thor. He called me all day off and on I knew there was something really wrong. He told me he was going to call a vet down in Vancouver that was a family friend to see if she could give him some insight. She recommended Laura and Jimmy took Thor out right away.

Thor is Jimmys world and I was so happy when Laura took the time to figure out what was going on and even took Thor home with her a couple nights to be able to keep a better eye on him. Even though Jimmy and I have separated our dogs are our kids and no matter what I will be there for him and support him with Thor and Oakley forever. I tried my best to be as supportive as I could and be there for him and Thor.

Thor had two blood transfusions and was put on a few meds to help his body. We found out he has condition where his body attacks and kills his red blood cells. Luckily Oakley is still living with Jimmy and was able to keep Jimmy company while Thor was at the hospital. She is an amazing dog as well - she is my dog :) - but she was there for Jimmy just to love him and that is what he needed.

Here is the link to the story in the paper.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pretty Stoked!

So I started making my own headbands about 2 months ago because I could never find ones I wanted in colors I would wear. Well I was at work one day and was talking to our summer catalog cover artist. He noticed my headband and we started talking about me selling them and such.

Well I got a call a couple weeks ago and my headbands will be in the Edmonds Art Walk on July 15th! How awesome is that!!!

Here are a few of them...